The well

"Creativity is inexhaustible" I once read .

I can’t remember who said it now. It was a writer, I know that.

It was a powerful statement which I’ve found myself clinging to ever since. Because after every thing you create, you believe you couldn’t possibly do it again. 

And the reason for this is because you don’t know where the creativity came from. You don’t understand the process. It just happens. And after every episode you’re terrified it won’t happen again. 

But that terror has to be ignored. You have to see it for what it is: mind chatter. Nothing more. Because if you allow it take root and flourish it will grow into an enormous tree and block out the sun and you will shrivel up and die in its shade. 

The fact is no artist ever knows where the creativity came from. All they know is that if they stick to process, things happen. 

And to sustain this effort they have to believe that the well is bottomless. 

Because it is. 

Even if it doesn’t look it right now.


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