It's an interesting time of life this. 57 years old. You've learned a lot but can't do much with it because no-one will hire you. 

So you're forced to go out into the world and be a one-man band. Right now I can't see what I've got to sell. I know what I'm good at but turning that into income eludes me. What to do?


Do something.

It doesn't have to be "the solution" - and it probably won't be - but the doing of things leads to more ideas and more doing of things until eventually, by sheer trial and error, you stumble across the real "something", the one that captures your heart and lights you up, the one that pays.

Of course we resist this approach because it involves "putting out" with no guarantee of return. We hate that. It goes against all our instincts for making effort as efficient as possible.

And generally, yes, efficiency's important. But not in this situation. In this situation you have to "scatter gun" for a while. Yes, it's inefficient, but in another way it's not. Because it's leading you to your prize.

Sitting and thinking seems a more efficient way, but it's not. I know. I've been doing it for too long with little result.

So now I've got nothing to lose. I'm in.

DOING starts today.


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