Here's an interesting question

How would you run Australia if you were given complete control tomorrow?

I mean COMPLETE control. You can do whatever you want for the next 12 months before power must be given back to the government.

Nothing is off the table. You can create or change any law. You can create any budget.

And when power returns to the government, they have to carry on with the changes you made.

What would you do?

What would be your priorities?

I think it's a really interesting thing to contemplate. It helps you see what you think matters in life.

And out of all the things you put on your list, which is the single most important to you?


What drives your thinking on that?

It's much easier of course to just say "it's an entirely hypothetical question which can never actually happen so it's not worth expending the energy on".

But I think it is. I think it helps us see ourselves more clearly.

And "know thyself" is a pretty important goal, isn't it?

It must be. It's carved into the wall of the university I went to.


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