Road workers have families too

Speeding through work zones is wrong. 

Sure, having to slow down to 40kmh seems a pain, but I've been on those roadwork crews. I know what it's like having cars whizzing by at 60 (or more). It doesn't seem a big deal from inside the car but, trust me, it's very unpleasant out there on the road.

The simple fix I discovered was to just place a couple of cones on the road at the beginning of the work zone and make them not a whole lot wider than a car. It's amazing how well it works. People are TERRIFIED of hitting a traffic cone and WILL slow down. Occasionally, a bus or truck would come along and knock the cones over and I would have to go set them up again - but I considered that a small price to pay.

Once, when my council was proving hard to convince that we needed traffic calming in a street, we decided to have a meeting with them to discuss it. A colleague said "and let's have the meeting out on the median island". Genius. Very hard to argue once you've experienced something first-hand.

Slow down folks. Road workers have families too. Apart from that, they just don't need the stress.


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