Russian doll

They told Kevin his was an unusual hobby for a plumber. As if he hadn't been told that before.

Why was it unusual anyway? What hobbies are plumbers supposed to have? Where's it written:  You're a plumber - your choice of hobbies is model plane making, collecting military artefacts or restoring cars? As far as Kevin was aware, that edict hadn't yet been issued.

So he would continue to write his poems.

"They're actually quite good", people would say.

Why the surprise? A plumber is supposed to be a numbskull? To not have feelings?  

"Believe it or not", Kevin would sometimes say to a particularly incredulous person, "plumbers also love, fear, cry, rejoice and wonder."

“So class, that’s your premise" the teacher said. "Now, write the story of Kevin the plumber and we'll share our results in 10 minutes. Off you go."

One of the students at the back of the class, Dave, actually was a plumber. No-one knew however because when they did the introductions, he said he was a teacher. He felt embarrassed to admit the truth because he was sure people would think it strange that a plumber would be doing a creative writing course and he would become a curiosity - and he never liked being the centre of attention. Besides, it wasn't really a lie. He had taught a couple of TAFE night classes many years ago. How ironic, he thought, that I should now have to write a piece on a poetry-writing plumber!

"So class, that’s your premise" the teacher said. "Now, write the story of Dave the shy plumber who found himself in a creative writing class and was asked to write a piece on Kevin the poetry-writing plumber. Off you go." 

Evan put his pen down. The ten minutes was up. He quickly surveyed his handiwork. It wasn't bad. Good job no-one in the class knows I'm a plumber though; they would never believe the coincidence.


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