I have to say, being a sofa isn’t easy. I know it can look glamorous - soft-grain leather and beautiful cushions and so on - but here's the reality: you sit in the same place all your life (save for when the cleaners move you) and look at people's bottoms all day. I’m a bit of an old girl now too and starting to show the effects of age – you know, sags here and there, wrinkles, difficulty bouncing back. But look, I shouldn't complain. I still have a pretty good life compared to some. My owners don't smoke or put their feet on me or let the dog sit on me. Some of my friends have a terrible time in that regard. Treated with complete contempt they are. And then one day they just throw them on the verge collection! Not so much as a “thanks for your help” or anything. No, it’s not easy being a a sofa. Better off being a bookcase I've always thought. Now there’s a life….


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