Turning pro

How frustrating is it that we work out what works and then think we can skip it because we get it? 

And we start sinking again.

Answer: VERY!

It's infuriating that we can be so foolish. Especially after we've learned the lesson the hard way so many times before.


Still, there's nothing for it but to mount up and go again (what else can you do?) and hope that you really will get it this time.

I think this is what separates the pro from the amateur actuallyThe pro has learned to grind.  As Steven Pressfield says in his book Turning Pro, "a pro, like the Marines, knows how to be miserable" (Pressfield was a marine himself). It's a great lesson. No, he doesn't mean you have to go round being miserable. He means you have to keep going even when you're miserable.

That's the pro.

That's the place I need to be.

I think it's the place we all need to be.


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